We’re LMS Internet Corporation
Orlando’s Most Advanced Marketing Agency

Hi!  We’re LMS Internet Corporation

This is our Orlando Marketing website and covers most of what we do as consultants and marketers.  If you want to know more about who we are, our values, and our mission, we encourage you to go to our corporate website at www.LMS-internet.com.

LMS Internet (Law Marketing Systems) first opened up in early 2008.  Matt Law, our CEO, started the company by offering SEO consulting for business owners.  As our SEO clients began to grow, they asked for more services.  We innovated and our developers started doing website design.  Since 2008, we’ve added mobile marketing, mobile apps, social media, and various other marketing tools to help our clients’ businesses grow.  We’ve developed into a full service marketing and consulting agency and have worked with customers from Seattle to Singapore.

As our success grew, so did Matt’s passion for helping entrepreneurs.  In 2011, Matt launched FSMC, a specialized training program for those who want to become marketing consultants.  Through the success of each of these ventures, we’ve continued to improve our marketing systems and tools so that we can provide better resources for our clients.

Admittedly, we are not a huge marketing company.  Our approach to marketing is different that most of our competitors.  Rather than sell a website or a quick mobile app, we work hard to understand our customer’s true needs in regards to marketing.  By combining our marketing knowledge with our Four Step Consulting process, we’ve been able to see some of our clients grow by over 300% since they started working with us.

Our vision to continue to provide education and marketing resources so that we can influence the way businesses and nonprofits use marketing.  Our approach is less about branding and more about accountable and measurable marketing.

You can also read more about Matt Law, our leadership team, and our vision at our corporate website.