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Hmm… Seems you’re Googling a bit about “Matt Law”. This page will tell you a little bit about myself and how I get into marketing and business. Thanks for visiting our corporate website today.


~Matt Law
CEO at LMS Internet Corporation


Matt Law – History and Full Bio


Born August 5th, 1976

I was born in Oneida, New York.  My parents divorced when I was 3 and my mother opted to to move back to her home state of Florida.  I grew up in Central Florida living in DeLand and DeLeon Springs most of my childhood.  My childhood and teenage years were a series of ups and downs, as I struggled through school with major academic problems. Though I was a bright student, I had major ADHD focusing problems and often found myself in trouble. In 1996, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue theological studies. More than anything, I moved away because I wanted to be on my own and to get out of Florida.

Ministry & Entrepreneurship

Luckily, I did mature somewhat in seminary school and improved my grades and studying considerably. I also began to research spiritual issues and made a full commitment to faith in 1996.  In 1999, through a bizarre set of circumstances, I was offered a position back in my home town to be the youth director for a small group of teenage kids.  It was during those first few years of ministry, I realized the need for becoming a LEADER. It was during these early years of ministry that I became an avid reader and first realized the importance of MARKETING and PROMOTION. Through the course of my 3 years serving as the youth director, I learned that if my youth program would succeed, I would need to innovate and think outside of the box.

1st Business Ventures

In 2001, I opened my first business selling used junk on It didn’t last long as the stuff I was selling ended up breaking for people and we had terrible feedback. The EBay business closed, but I was hooked on being an entrepreneur. Over the course of the following seven years, I attempted several small businesses while also serving part time in ministry in at two local churches. We had some huge successes! We had some huge failures. I’ve been able to learn a ton from my mistakes and am forever thankful for the “book camp” I’ve had while serving in ministry and working my small businesses.

Hard Times and New Ideas

In 2007, due to the housing crisis in Central Florida, our previous business faced devastating revenue losses. In an attempt to out run the economy, we borrowed more money and invested in growth to try and save our business. In September of 2007, we were forced to close our company and Sarah and I went through the hardest year of our lives, losing our dream home to foreclosure and eventually declaring bankruptcy.

New Beginnings – Law Marketing Systems

In 2008, I began looking for a new line of work in a field that actually interested me! Marketing! I landed a job in an entry level position for a small marketing firm in Orlando. I was told to study and be ready to start in one month. Man, did I study!  However, due to the set backs in the economy, I was told my position was cut just a couple of days before I was supposed to start! Without much money or experience, I started my marketing agency, Law Marketing Systems in 2008.

Growth and Never Giving Up

From 2008 until 2010, Sarah and I worked diligently to get our marketing agency off the ground. I continued to read and learn everything I could about marketing. I have had the privilege to see inside dozens of small businesses and see exactly what works and doesn’t work in marketing.  In 2009 after doing an enormous amount of research, I came up with the Four Step Marketing process, which is a complete approach to small business marketing. During this development time of our process, we saw many of our clients double and triple their revenues as we consulted with them and helped them develop their marketing.

In 2009 & 2010, we had several people contact us to learn more about our business model and thus we launched our training program – Four Step Marketing Consultants. We currently train others as marketers and consultants and have had students join us from nearly every state. In 2012, we expanded the operations of Law Marketing Systems and incorporated as LMS Internet Corporation. Today, we currently maintain our training program and assist small businesses with their daily marketing. They majority of our marketing services include the services which fit within the Four Step Marketing process.

Private Life & Family

I’ve been married to my best friend Sarah since 2002. Together we have 2 daughters, Libby and Mattie. We live in the obscure town of Orange City where you’ll often find us walking through old neighborhoods. I enjoy hiking, running, writing, reading, and hanging out with my family. Our family still serves in part time ministry and has done so since 2002.

Connect with Matt Law

You can connect with me on my social channels below if you’d like to stay in touch with what’s going on in my life. I share a mixture of personal and business information on my personal social channels.

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Matt Law

Our Vision for LMS Internet & FSMC

Over the past few years we’ve seen some amazing things happen. Huge growth numbers! Not only in our business, but our clients’ businesses have exploded as well. We’re talking 200% and 300% per year in growth! It has been during this time of abundant growth I’ve realized my passion in life. I love helping struggling small business owners and church leaders leverage their marketing to grow their organization. Our vision contains 3 major platforms.

1. Small Business Owners 
2. The Local Church
3. Training Four Step Consultants

In the future, we will work to continue to build upon the vision so that we can reach and help many people realize success.