How to Leverage Your Marketing Dollars

The third step in the Four Step Marketing Process states that we “measure” and “leverage” the marketing arsenal. You might be thinking, no duh Matt, but 99% of business owners I meet don’t really MEASURE their marketing. When I teach marketing, there is always a former business owner who comes up after a session and tells me their horror story. Here are a few I’ve heard through the years. The Billboard Business Owner – “Matt, you might not believe this, but last year I spent over 2 million dollars in marketing. We spent about $400K on billboards and I had no idea what was working at all. I wish I knew back then what you’ve just taught me.”

ReLaunch – When Marketing Doesn’t Work

Sometimes great ideas don’t work. As a marketer and consultant, I want to offer great ideas to my clients. Over the last five years, I’m happy to say that the majority of campaigns we’ve created have done very well. On average, we’ve seen most of our client’s revenues and business grow by around 25% per year. Some have grown by more than 400% and others have flatlined depending on the type of business and their willingness to implement the marketing ideas we share. Sometimes however, I miss it, and the concept implemented doesn’t pan out. In today’s post I’ll share why this doesn’t bother me and how “failures” actually become amazing stepping stones for success.

Retargeting/Remarketing with Google AdWords

Remarketing with Google AdWords is an excellent way to keep reaching potential customers, even after they’ve visited and then left your website. Why do this?  Because if you set up a remarketing campaign, you can continue to show prospects your ads as they search Google or visit other websites. It’s a powerful way to get visitors that didn’t buy from you back to your website to increase your chances of gaining a sale by “retargeting” them. (“Remarketing” is the term Google AdWords uses for “retargeting.”)  In today’s post I’ll walk you through this process!

Four Step Marketing Video Example

In today’s post, I wanted to create a sample video for the Four Step Marketing process. In this video, I explain to business owners why “marketing” isn’t just branding, but a complete approach to growing revenues. Remember, marketing must be measurable and accountable! Your business should be generating leads with the use of offers. You should have a strong marketing automation system in place for following up! And if you want people to buy your product, you’d better have an amazing Unique Selling Point. Enjoy!

Why your Company Should Spend More with Bing Ads

Whenever I mention setting up a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign to any of my clients, they immediately think Google. However, I’m not always talking about Google. Often, I’m talking about Bing Ads.

I’m not sure why so many people consider Bing a second class citizen, or why they don’t have much confidence that they’ll get results there.

A lot of people still don’t even know that Bing joined hands with Yahoo to offer a common pay per click advertising platform. Yeah, that means when you sign up for Bing Ads, your campaigns not only show up in Bing, but also in Yahoo.

Getting More Affiliates Promoting Your Products

In today’s post, I am going to be talking about affiliate marketing… but not the kind where you promote other people’s products! As a consultant, I often meet business owners trying to grow sales and revenues and one great solution for people selling online, is to create an affiliate program. Today I want to share a few ideas for taking your army of affiliates, and making it easy for them to promote you. When you do this, they will come to your program, and you’ll see the huge boost in traffic and revenues.

Microsites and SEO

In 2009, I met a client who had about thirty microsites. At first, I thought this was pretty odd that a client would have so many different small websites. “Isn’t this hard to manage?”, I asked him to figure out why go through all this trouble. He then showed me his analytic account and I quickly realized exactly why he did this. He generated 50% of all his traffic from his microsites!

Twitter Advertising Options

If you have the budget, it’s easy to gain more exposure for your business on Twitter with Twitter Advertising. In today’s post, I’ll cover the three current choices for advertising on Twitter. They are Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. All of these Twitter Advertising options provide a fast way to build a community…