Cheapest or Best – Why People Buy on Value

Cheapest or Best? It is a question that we all think about often when buying, but something that isn’t discussed at length. Some people, will always default to the cheapest product they can buy without regard for quality. Others will gladly buy the best item with the most features without regard for the price tag. But what about the majority? I’m talking about those that want to spend wisely and get still get something that provides quality. In today’s post we’ll look at the differences and why I believe people will gladly pay more if you can prove your product’s worth with a strong USP.

Four Step Marketing Video Example

In today’s post, I wanted to create a sample video for the Four Step Marketing process. In this video, I explain to business owners why “marketing” isn’t just branding, but a complete approach to growing revenues. Remember, marketing must be measurable and accountable! Your business should be generating leads with the use of offers. You should have a strong marketing automation system in place for following up! And if you want people to buy your product, you’d better have an amazing Unique Selling Point. Enjoy!

Using SMS Marketing to Grow Sales

In today’s post we’re going to teach you how to use SMS or Text Message Marketing to grow sales. The good news is that I’m going to give you some keywords to try out so you can see exactly how this works as well. However, before we go too much further I want to give you some crazy stats about Mobile Marketing and SMS marketing so you’ll be 100% confident that this is the WAVE OF THE FUTURE!

Practical Steps for Building your Online Tribe

You’re content is the connection point where other potential tribe members may connect with you. For example it could be located on a Blog post, in a video on Youtube, Podcast, or website. Content is the FREE INFORMATION you provide that is openly available to the public for discovery. The key here is that your content is is the entry point for potential tribe members who may decide to let you be one of their chiefs.

Step 2 – The POWER of an Amazing Offer – Sunsetter Awnings

Step 2 of the Four Steps of Marketing is to generate leads using platforms and offers. I want to remind and clarify again, that a platform is anywhere you come into contact with a prospect where a database exchange can be made. An offer is anything that causes a prospect to take action and exchange their data for a free resource. For a complete overview of the Four Step Marketing Process, you can read my blog post about Four Step Marketing here.