How to Leverage Your Marketing Dollars

The third step in the Four Step Marketing Process states that we “measure” and “leverage” the marketing arsenal. You might be thinking, no duh Matt, but 99% of business owners I meet don’t really MEASURE their marketing. When I teach marketing, there is always a former business owner who comes up after a session and tells me their horror story. Here are a few I’ve heard through the years. The Billboard Business Owner – “Matt, you might not believe this, but last year I spent over 2 million dollars in marketing. We spent about $400K on billboards and I had no idea what was working at all. I wish I knew back then what you’ve just taught me.”

Cheapest or Best – Why People Buy on Value

Cheapest or Best? It is a question that we all think about often when buying, but something that isn’t discussed at length. Some people, will always default to the cheapest product they can buy without regard for quality. Others will gladly buy the best item with the most features without regard for the price tag. But what about the majority? I’m talking about those that want to spend wisely and get still get something that provides quality. In today’s post we’ll look at the differences and why I believe people will gladly pay more if you can prove your product’s worth with a strong USP.

How to Land an Expert Marketing Mentor

Often times I’m asked, “Matt will you mentor me?”  The email often continues with a sad story of financial loss, a troubled life, or other strange burden.  In most cases, they are legitimate needs and hurts from kind hearted people.  Sometimes, the email is rude and the person attempts to manipulate me.  Basically, they tell me that if I am really a good person and really care about people, I will gladly say yes and provide training or marketing services for FREE.  In today’s post, I’ll share with you how you can land unlimited

When Four Step Marketing Doesn’t Work

It is sad, but true.  Sometimes the Four Step Marketing process doesn’t work for my clients.  Over the last few weeks,I’ve been thinking about the the clients which implemented Four Step Marketing into their businesses.  I’ve seen some amazing success with some clients experiencing over 400% growth in just seven months.  Others have seen about 100% – 300% growth.  Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some flat liners.  In today’s post I’ll share with you my though process of why all the marketing and changes didn’t work for these clients.