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Digital Marketing Package
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Ranking Dashboard

  • Localized Search Marketing

  • Citation Building

  • Paid Advertising Set-up

  • PPC Landing Pages

  • Call Tracking and Reporting

  • Project Management Portal

  • Project Analytics Dashboard

  • Mobile Application Building

  • Mobile Marketing Dashboard

  • Website Improvements

  • Social Media Set-up

  • Social Media Automation

  • Content and Blog Marketing


Why Go All-in-One

You’ve probably heard that DIGITAL MARKETING is the key for your company’s marketing success.  But what is digital marketing?  Is it social media? Paid search?  Online video optimization? Mobile marketing?  Some swear that digital marketing is inbound marketing and blogging.  Others swear that it is email marketing.  Some agencies swear that it is success in your branding.  Consultants stake their life’s work on SEO.

So what is digital marketing?  The truth is, all of these ideas are part of the digital marketing landscape. The digital marketing methods that work best will depend on your unique situation, your company, and your marketing budget.   We find that most businesses have a hard time connecting all the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle. While you could go out and hire a half dozen companies to complete each task for you, we’d like to show you a better way.

The Proposal Process

Step 1 - Start the Conversation

From solopreneur start ups to Fortune 1000 corporations, you’ll find our marketing package provide exactly what’s needed for this very season in your business.

Step 2 - Tweak Your Marketing Package

Call us crazy, but we believe in actually listening to our customers and delivering what they want.  Once you select your business model, you can still tweak out your package.

Step 3 - Review Your Package Proposal

Don’t worry, after you tweak your proposal, we’ll send you a personalized PDF version.  It takes just a couple of minutes to personalize a marketing package for your company.

Step 4 - Compare our Proposal to Anyone

Please compare us!  We actually encourage our prospective clients to compare us to other companies.  Why?  Because we want you to know the value we’ll providing your business if you decide to go with us!

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