Sometimes Prospective Clients Ask WHY we are Florida’s Most Advanced Digital Marketing Agency…  

But Let’s Start Off With Why You’ll Love Working With Us First

  • No Ongoing Contracts

    We never require an annual contract at LMS Internet!  Cancel anytime if you’re not thrilled.

  • Accountable Marketing Methods

    100% accountable and measurable marketing methods.  We take the guesswork out of marketing.

  • All-in-One Marketing Packages

    We’ll work on SEO, Social Media, PPC, and various other marketing methods every month at no additional costs.

  • Smart Project Managers

    Highly trained and analytical project managers who give suggestions and manage your account with care.

  • The LMS Tool Suite

    Enterprise level marketing and reporting tools at your fingertips.  Always included in our marketing packages.

And Now the Advanced Digital Marketing Stuff 
Just a word of caution…mentioning our tools to our competitors might cause them intense pain and weird facial expressions.

Project Management Tutorial

An Amazing System to Manage Your Project

Project Analytics Dashboard

The Most Important Metrics at Your Fingertips

Client Search Engine Dashboard

Measure Rankings and Traffic While Spying on Competitors

Telephone Tracking Dashboard

Measure Your Marketing!  Keep What Works!  Dump the Rest!

Social Media Client Dashboard

Share, Automate, and Manage all Your Social Media Channels

PPC Landing Page Dashboard

Measure Paid Traffic and Increase Leads and Opt-ins

Mobile Marketing Dashboard

Deliver Coupons, Discounts, and Specials via Mobile SMS Campaigns

Mobile Application Dashboard

Business Friendly Mobile Applications to Increase Customer Loyalty

Local Search Dashboard

Get Found Locally and Protect Your Online Reputation

What Would Happen?

What Would Happen if You Measured Your Marketing?

Common Questions and Answers

  • How come you don’t require an ongoing contract?

  • First of all, we believe it isn’t good business to force someone to be a client if they are not happy.  Secondly, we’re very good at marketing our own business, so we actually can get new clients anytime.  Lastly, most of our clients work with us for a very long time and are looking for ways to increase their monthly spend with us.  When you put all of these reasons together, it just doesn’t make sense to have a contract!  You can cancel your work with us at anytime.

  • Can you explain your monthly marketing packages?

  • LMS Internet offers three monthly ongoing marketing packages for prospective clients. Your proposal will provide a suggested package based upon your business model and complexity of the ongoing marketing effort. Each of our three packages contain various digital marketing services and add-ons. These services include content marketing, localized citations, inbound SEO links, consulting, training, and various other marketing services.  All packages come with our complete tool suite as well as a set number of hours which we’ll work on your project each month. In your kick-off meeting with LMS Internet, we’ll work with you to fine tune the vision for your project and determine how the hours will be spent on your account.  All of our monthly packages are customized based upon our clients’ needs and the best practices of marketing.

  • How do you handle enterprise level clients?

  • We do service enterprise clients who need marketing help outside of our traditional marketing packages. Services for enterprises may include training, consulting, staffing, leasing of our SEM tools and various other services.

    For enterprise level companies with 100K+ or greater in traffic per month, please schedule a call with our CEO to discuss your business needs.  You may also email Matt Law directly here.

  • I am looking for one specific service. Do I still need a monthly package?

  • In most cases, you will still need a monthly marketing package.  In your kick-off meeting, we’ll discuss how you’d like to use your marketing hours towards the specific service you’re requesting.  Most clients find that while they might have one specific service in mind when starting a campaign, LMS Internet can help them grow their business through multiple avenues.

  • I really need something more customized. How can you help?

  • Keep in mind that about 90% of all new clients will fit nicely into one of our monthly marketing packages as they provide a complete digital marketing solution.  In the unlikely event that you need something more customized, please contact us by email here.  In most cases, we’ll suggest that we set-up a mini consultation to better understand your business.  By understanding your needs, we’ll be able to write a custom proposal.

  • What if I don’t want a monthly package?

  • We understand that some clients just want a dollar amount instead of a monthly budget. If you have a specific project which you need help with and want to be quoted a flat fee, please send us an email here.  In most cases, we’ll want to provide a mini-consultation with your company to better understand your project.  Once we understand your project needs better, we’ll be able to provide you with a custom proposal.

  • What kind of growth can I expect to see?

  • Growth rates vary by industry, monthly campaign, and the amount of support the client provides each month.  Clients with the best growth rates continue to communicate with their project managers and incorporate the Four Step Marketing philosophy into all aspects of their business.   We have had clients grow by as much as 400% in just 7 months and have had many clients double and triple their revenues.  Client growth rates will vary based upon several factors.

  • I requested a quote and no one called me. Why?

  • Thanks for requesting a quote!  We’re very sorry if you were expecting a phone call. Unfortunately, we are able to reach out to only a few prospects by phone.  You’ll find LMS Internet is different than most agencies.  We are a marketing agency, not a sales company!  Because we use the Four Step Marketing process in our business, we have more quote requests and leads than we can manually follow-up with.  Our strongest encouragement is to schedule a free 30-45 minute call here if you’d like to chat with us.

  • What types of businesses do you work with?

  • We DO NOT work with clients who are in the 3 P’s of the internet.  Pills, Poker, or Pornography.  We also typically won’t work with companies who do not meet our monthly spend requirements.  Lastly, we tend to have short relationships with clients who are unwilling to communicate with us on an ongoing basis about their marketing project.

    As long as a client maintains a mutually respectful relationship with us, communicates, and doesn’t fall into one of the “P’s” we avoid, then we’re happy to help!