An Army of Sales People
Promoting Your Website Day and Night

Orlando Affiliate Marketing Integration | We believe in the affiliate marketing superstars of the world.  They have the power to influence their followers to buy your products.  We believe in win/win affiliate-merchant relationships.

Get Affiliates to Promote Your Products

and Only Pay Them When You Get a Sale

Imagine what it would be like if you had an army of people all selling and promoting your product or services across the internet. Your name, products, and company services could be visible to thousands of prospective buyers needing your unique product offering. This isn’t a fairytale! It is called Orlando affiliate marketing and depending on your business it might be a perfect marketing fit. Affiliates utilize banner ads, emails, and even their own funds on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on your behalf.

You may be wondering why affiliates would be eager to promote your products or services. After all, don’t they want something out of it? Yes, but the good news for you, the merchant, is that it costs nothing unless a sale is generated! When a sale takes place, based on an affiliate’s promotion of your product or services, that sale is tracked by cookies in your internet browser and the affiliate is paid a commission on that purchase. That’s what makes affiliate marketing such a great strategy for our clients.

This all sounds great, however, choosing the correct affiliates for your product or services’ visibility is key to the actual conversion of sales and revenues. At LMS, we are experts at helping our clients find affiliates that fit their industry so that your marketing is viewed by your targeted audience. We can help you create an affiliate program and promote it to thousands of affiliates.

The LMS Affiliate Integration Services include the following features:

  • Affiliate Program Consulting
  • Affiliate Program Set-up
  • Code Integration into Your Shopping Cart
  • Rules and Guidelines for Affiliates
  • Affiliate Recruitment
  • Payment Management Systems
  • Affiliate Sign-up Pages on your Website
  • Affiliate Promotional Tools & Emails
  • Affiliate Banner Ads
  • Affiliate Video Training

LMS partners with the top affiliate networks such as,, and many others.  We can also help you integrate a custom affiliate program outside of these networks. If you’d like to learn more about setting up an affiliate program for your business, please schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with us to learn more about this service.  This service is only available to merchants looking to integrate an affiliate program.  LMS Internet is an Orlando based marketing agency who offers affiliate integration programs for our clients.