You Get Only One Chance
To Make an Impactful Impression

Orlando Branding Services | We believe that branding is MORE than your colors, slogan, or packaging.  We believe that your BRAND and SLOGAN should say why you’re UNIQUE and why customers should buy from you.

Colors & Slogans Don’t Make a Brand

It is Your Uniqueness and Innovation in the Marketplace

LMS uses step one of its proprietary Four Step Marketing Process to define your Unique Selling Point (USP).

A business’s USP is part of their brand make-up that distinguishes them in the marketplace. It helps define who you are and sets you apart from your competition. Additionally, Orlando branding marketing (USP) relays your company’s vision, mission and philosophy to those on the outside of the company and makes a lasting impression. Corporate Identity encompasses the use of color schemes, designs, words, and logos that are used in all marketing forms to portray a certain congruent image to everyone who comes in contact with your company.

Many aspects of your company image are chosen upon inception of the business, however in many cases your business evolves and it is critical for your image to evolve with it. Often times when a business starts up, minimal thought is put into the “perception.” As growth and innovation takes place that “perception” may be off track and in need of more attention. Due to the way businesses and ideas seem to come and go in the world today you want your company to show longevity and consistency. This starts with your corporate identity! Don’t miss this fine detail in making a difference.

LMS has extensive experience in helping companies identify inconsistencies in their corporate image by carefully initiating positive changes that are in line with their Unique Selling Point. Part of the USP is to ensure what you’re saying is consistent to what your customers see and hear whenever they come in contact with your product and/or services.

LMS will meet with you for a 2-3 hour consultation to look at your current corporate identity and initiate changes where necessary. Some of the common changes made when a company re-visits their corporate identity may include: brand, colors, designs they like, letterhead, business cards, logo design or modification, and brochures.

Please schedule a call to learn more about this important custom marketing strategy.