Sometimes People Don’t Have Enough Time to Read
But They Always Have Enough Time to Watch Video

Orlando Corporate Video Design | We believe in Corporate Explainer Videos. Video educates web visitors faster than traditional written content.   We believe corporate videos should share why a brand is the best choice and reiterate their unique selling points.

Explain Why Your Business is Better

Through the Power of Streaming Video

At LMS, we offer a wide spectrum of video design services which may include traditional video production or animated video. The use of Orlando corporate video production in online marketing is extremely popular and very effective in conveying a message. Our network of producers and designers allows us to provide you with many professional and outstanding video design options.

Often times the process of producing a professional video may be a daunting task for business owners. In addition, communicating the correct message while moving forward in the correct video direction can be overwhelming. That is why so many companies utilize LMS and our team of experts to identify the important aspects of video design. First we will meet with you to discuss your unique selling point. At this time we will brainstorm about the message you want to convey to your audience. After we have identified your message, we will choose the correct avenue for your video design. If you’re trying to explain a product, the use of an explainer video may be effective. An explainer video is where we use animated sketches or graphics to act out and “explain” your product or service. This can be extremely helpful in engaging people to stay on your website in order to learn about what you offer in a clear and concise manner.

A more traditional approach to video would be employing the use of actors or perhaps your office staff to highlight your product/service or portray your corporate image. This type of video can also be extremely effective when used properly and professionally. There are numerous aspects to video design and truly an endless amount of options for this avenue of marketing. The use of high-quality video can enhance any website and engage visitors that would be more likely to leave if the video were not present.

LMS will create, produce, and deliver a HD quality video for use in your business. Samples of our work are listed below. We suggest incorporating this video into your landing pages and also into your home page. The video can also be shared on your YouTube Channel.

A Few Options for Your Video Production:

  • Planning Meetings
  • Scripting
  • Story Boards
  • Music Selection
  • Voice Over Selection
  • After Effects Video Integration
  • Live Actors or Animated Videos
  • 1080p HD Quality

If you’re ready to learn about how video design can be incorporated into your current or new web design, please schedule a call today.  We are happy to share with you about the various options available for corporate video production.