Having a Cool Brand is Nice
But Having Cash in Your Bank is Better

Orlando Direct Response Marketing | We believe in direct response marketing and online lead generation.  We believe in squeeze pages that are split tested for conversion.  We believe in 25% opt-in rates.

Orlando Direct Response Marketing

Imagine having TOO MANY Leads for Once

If you want leads, you have to ask yourself about your offer.  What are you giving away with your offer?  What is the importance of having an offer on your site? Because people don’t want to subscribe to your mailing list.  They are leery of giving their information away on the internet, so why should they fill out your form anyway!

The way to bridge this gap is to provide a soft approach and give away something for FREE.  This is your offer!  This process is called direct response marketing.  By using a low risk offer when visitors land on your site, it provides a non-threatening way to engage them. If you are giving away a free eBook, webinar, CD or DVD, then the visitor’s interest might cause them to request your free offer.

Direct Response = A Killer Offer

Why should you give something away for nothing? Good question! Because your website visitor is tuned into one station WIFM (what’s in it for me). It means they don’t care about you, or your family owned business.  They care about themselves.

Because you want something from them, aka their contact details, and they don’t want to give it to you, the secret then is to bridge the gap with an offer.  An email address is a powerful marketing tool! With this information you can add them to your database and continue to market to them until they purchase or unsubscribe and it takes no effort on your part. The concept of providing free offers to use in marketing automation is part of our Four Step Marketing Process.

Generate Leads – Automate Follow-up

Generating leads is not the end solution. You now have a prospect. Using marketing automation you can nurture the prospect along until they are ready to buy.  LMS has used this marketing strategy to triple the sales for some of our clients.  Imagine if 25% of all of your visitors requested your free offer?  Is it possible to get that kind of opt-in rate?  While it isn’t easy, we’ve seen it happen and have done it for our clients before.  They’ve told us to turn off the marketing in some cases because they can’t handle any more… sort of a good problem.

If you’re interested in learning more about our internet direct response marketing strategies, feel free to schedule a call with us – or better yet, request one of our free resources on our website.