Great! You’re #1 in Siberia
But Your Potential Customers are in Orlando

Orlando Localized SEO Services | We believe in Local SEO Marketing.  We believe in good reviews, citations, and keeping business information accurate in every directory.  One location, or hundreds of locations can be optimized to rank better and receive traffic with localized SEO Services.

Citation Building & Localized SEO

are all Part of Ranking in the Local Search Section

So you are looking at Local SEO and want to know how to get your business listed at the top of Google?  Or maybe you’re just curious about how you can list multiple location or branches online.  As important as organic Search Engine Optimization is for your website, it is equally important to address your geographical presence as well. Why?  It can be frustrating for potential customers to search for your specific company name and not find your business listed right at the top. Individuals searching the internet expect to be able to find certain companies with ease. If they can’t, they will move on quickly to other options, or feel frustrated when they can’t find you.

The other aspect of localized SEO and multi-location SEO services is discovering new customers.  The question is how to get Google to display your company name at the top when they type in “Orlando _____________”  (Insert what your company does for a living here).  I’m talking about those A-C spots at the top of Google.   The answer is in localized, location based, SEO services.  It means verifying your address, updating citations, localized structure data, and a whole bunch of tweaks to your website.  It takes time, work, and patience, but it is a great way to optimize all of your branches, chains, and locations.

Here is a sample of some of the items that might be included in your proposal:

  • NAP Consistency & Updates
  • Additional Localized Citations
  • Updating Inaccurate Citations
  • Onpage Local Citations on Website
  • Inbound Linking by Local Directories
  • Review Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Structured Data Mark-Up

Yes, we know it sounds a little confusing, but it is actually a fairly simple process and part of a good overall SEM Campaign.  Orlando localized SEO or multi-location SEO services are especially important for businesses that have several locations or branches.  We can help you get one, or all of your locations listed on top.  Our system monitors reviews, citations, and even shows your progress.  If you’re curious, we invite you to schedule a meeting today so that LMS can help you see your growth and reputation explode.