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Orlando Marketing Consulting | We believe that consulting is about relationships and first understanding our clients’ needs.  We seek first to understand and then be understood.  We believe in Win/Win relationships and honest communication.

Orlando Marketing Consulting

Matt Law – CEO of LMS Internet

All over Florida, there are millions of businesses and business owners who are fighting tooth and nail to overcome the obstacles and struggles of business. Many of these business owners are doing a great job of running their business in regards to day-to-day operations. They are educated professionals, and for the most part, making money.

What they‘re not doing is marketing their company in the most effective way, utilizing the proper tools and marketing strategies that are ever changing. Matt Law, CEO at LMS Internet Corporation, specializes in helping any business realize their full potential by expanding their reach and using our proprietary, cutting-edge, Four Step Marketing Process.

Our Marketing Consulting Process

For businesses on a growth trend who want to expand to the next level, they often seek out Matt Law for consulting expertise. When he consults with potential clients, he initiates an intense brainstorming session which unveils your industry, products and/or services, and what sets you apart from the competition.

In short, your Unique Selling Point, or USP, is step one of the Four Step Marketing Process. Once the USP has been established, a clear blue print in which to build a solid marketing strategy is created. This strategy will include the other three steps of our Four Step Process – Platforms & Offers, the Marketing Arsenal and Marketing Automation. When all four aspects of our proprietary process are joined together a marketing powerhouse is the result, which will explode your revenues.

Our average client will see growth of at least 25% per year. Many of our clients see growth of over 200% to 300% depending on what stage their company is at and what they are following in regards to our marketing plan.

Two Day Interactive Marketing Consulting Session

Our most popular option is a 2 day intense meeting in person. You will receive a 14 hour consultation and a Custom Marketing plan based on your business needs. We will record this consultation and use our state of the art teaching tools.

Once we have determined the marketing strategies you already have in place, we will design a detailed business plan for your business to grow over the next 12 to 24 months. We will formulate the plan step by step and month by month with tasks to be accomplished and a timeline with set milestones to be followed.

Topics Included in the Four Step Marketing Consultation

  1. Say the Right thing with your USP – What are your Unique Selling Points and why should customers do business with you versus your competition.
  2. Generate Leads Using Platforms & Offers – an intense investigation into your database and the leads you’re currently leaving on the table.
  3. Measure and Leverage the Marketing Arsenal – a look at every marketing option available to humans and how they could integrate into your business.  We’ll teach you how to measure your marketing and drive results.
  4. Automate Follow-up with Marketing Automation – an investigation at how follow-up automation can increase your customer lifetime value.  You’ll learn the secrets of marketing automation and how win customers for life.

Other Marketing Consulting Options

Our CEO and COO are available for consulting on a limited basis each month due to current projects and other consulting clients.  LMS does offer other consulting options, ranging from short term agreements to long term relationships.  We advise most new clients to start with the Two Day Interactive Marketing Consultation first. Consultation meetings can be arranged at your location, our location, or set up in a board room environment at an upscale hotel.

Please contact us by scheduling a call or requesting a quote if you’re interested in our Orlando marketing consulting services.