Become Your Industry’s Expert
and Build a Following of Loyal Customers

Orlando Podcasting & Audio Engineering | We believe that Podcasting is a great option for some businesses.  For those targeting specific markets, podcasting builds relationships before the sale.

Orlando Podcasting Services

Gain New Customers as they Commute to Work

Orlando podcasting is an easy and effective way to get your marketing message to a vast number of people for little cost. In a short audio message your company’s services and unique selling point can be streamed over the internet or any listening device. Podcasts can be a few minutes or over an hour and can range in topics typical to your industry. Businesses can share proprietary information, advice, product descriptions and offers. An advantage to using podcasts as a marketing tool is that you can influence consumers as to why they should do business with your company over the competition. Using podcasts, your company can speak directly about the topics that are relevant to your product or service. Subscribers can continually receive relevant information on a regular basis making you the obvious expert in your field.

LMS is able to create your podcast as well as guide you in the most effective way of taking your information and making it appropriate and engaging for your target audience. The goal for creating podcasts is to generate listeners that will continue to subscribe and listen to your podcast creating another avenue for people to look to you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

We will help you create your Podcast and make it an effective marketing tool. Our Podcasting service includes the following features:

  • Create a podcast that is concise – having a clear focus on one point and support that point. It is better to have many podcasts then one that is too lengthy.
  • Create a podcast that is engaging – use simple language to communicate your points
  • Create podcasts that are consistent – it is best to schedule podcasts weekly or monthly so that your followers will be looking for you and what you have to say next