One Weird Little Bar Code Could Make
Things Easier on Your Customers and Prospects

Orlando QR Code (Quick Response Code) | We believe that QR codes make life easier.  It is easier on customers, prospects, and yes even for business owners.  We believe print marketing should leverage QR codes.  QR codes help users find exactly what they want – QUICKLY!

QR Codes Should Go on Everything in Print

Product Packaging, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages, Print Ads

As Orlando QR code campaign designers and a full service marketing agency, we understand that NOT everyone uses or even knows what QR codes are.  Let’s face it.  It hasn’t caught on fully just yet.  They are weird.  But these little boxes are a powerful marketing tool for your business.

With a QR code and a smart phone, your customers can take a picture of the QR code and instantly show up at the right website page.  These codes can direct visitors to product information pages, or an offer page to download something. QR codes are a quick way of getting your customers to your landing page and converting them to a sale.  Use them on product packaging, newspaper ads, magazine ads, magnets, direct mail, business cards and everywhere you’re coming into contact with prospects.

Not everyone will use them.  However, the techie people love them.  It gives immediate access to what’s relevant about products, offers, and service. At LMS Internet, we build QR code tracking right into your website analytic program, so you’ll know how many people are actually using them.  Whether you’re looking to share a video, landing page, or complete ebook, you’ll know how many people are using them right away!

In the past QR codes have been simply black and white and look very similar to each other. However, they have become unique in appearance and can model your corporate image as well. LMS has an extensive understanding of how you can tap into every facet and value this little box has to offer. We can design multiple QR codes for your business which match your brand and integrate them into your overall marketing strategy.