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Orlando Radio & TV Marketing | We believe in Radio & TV Marketing.  While it is not for every business, it is effective if measured carefully.  We believe mainstream media marketing isn’t about “getting your name out there,” but generating leads, sales, and a positive ROI.

Accountable TV & Radio Marketing

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Many business owners dismiss the thought of advertising on Orlando radio or TV because they believe it to be way out of reach financially. While this thinking may be true if you’re setting your sights on national TV advertising, there are many local stations as well as cable stations that can be surprisingly affordable. With the right marketing agency helping you and arming you with correct information, you can broaden your horizons by utilizing this outstanding tool.

At LMS, we help business owners plan their TV and radio advertising campaigns with ease. In our initial meeting, LMS will establish your target market and help you identify your Unique Selling Point. When you’re equipped with this information you can easily choose whether TV, radio, or both would be appropriate to use as well as what station to choose. It is critical to decide who you are selling to and why people should buy from you before spending any money on this type of campaign.

The next step is where we help you establish an ideal budget for your TV and radio advertising. It’s imperative to have a concrete idea of what you should spend depending on which avenue you are pursuing. Typically, radio is less expensive; however, TV advertising may be more effective for your particular business. It simply depends on the first step of identifying your target audience.

Next, we will connect with TV and radio stations on your behalf and take care of the details of organizing your radio and TV campaign. LMS acts as your agent to communicate with various stations; we will also help you identify the CPM (cost per thousand) of reaching your target audience. We make sure that you have a positive return on investment by making sure you are effectively reaching the correct people with your unique selling point. We will compare various proposals on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best deal for your marketing dollars. It is also good to keep in mind that there are many times of the year in which TV and radio advertising may be more cost effective.

Once the groundwork is laid, we will plan the content of your advertisement. If radio is your goal, then we will help you with a compelling script outlining your unique selling point and guide you in providing an offer that will make people want to learn more about your product or service. If you desire to use TV for promotion, we will help you with your media design (see Video Design and Promotion) and submit it to the appropriate stations for television airing.

If you’re interested in utilizing TV and radio commercials as a way to promote your business, we would be happy to help you understand this process in more depth. Please schedule a call today.