SMS Text Message Marketing Works
Discover the Marketing With an 90% Open Rate

Orlando SMS Text Message Marketing Services | We believe in SMS marketing. If used correctly, SMS messages can increase customer loyalty and drive revenues.  We believe in easy opt-ins, easy opt-outs and that companies should use SMS notifications sparingly.

SMS – Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing & Communication that Gets Noticed

SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing isn’t for every company.  But it is a powerful tool when used correctly.  This relatively new avenue of marketing allows organizations to send a broadcast message to their list of users quickly.

With a 90% open rate, you know your message will be seen.  The secret to using SMS marketing for your Orlando business or organization is to understand how to get them to OPT-IN!  The bigger the database, the more communication you can have.

Our platform is PERFECT for businesses or organizations who want their users to TEXT to JOIN.  Anyone can join your mobile marketing campaign by texting your shortcode phrase to your number.  Each campaign can have a unique shortcode.  The replies for the campaign can include surveys, contests, coupons, and other options to get them to sign-up.

You may currently use email marketing to reach your customers, but an interesting observation regarding email marketing is that over the course time people are more likely to change their email address than their mobile number.  Knowing that your message is going to be read also means that this marketing method must be used sparingly.  For churches, it might be fine to send a weekly text message.  If you own a local restaurant, you might only send SMS messages once a month.

LMS Internet can help you incorporate a streamlined SMS campaign and show you how to get people onto your list.  From print materials to automation, we’ll educate you on the best practices in mobile marketing.

A Few Features of Our Orlando SMS Marketing Services & Platform

  • Custom Keywords for Each Campaign Goal
  • Instant SMS Replies
  • Advanced Segmentation of Lists
  • Surveys Campaigns
  • Polling Campaigns
  • Coupon Campaigns
  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Text to Screen Campaigns
  • Trivia Campaigns
  • Text to Win Campaigns
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • 2 Way Messaging
  • + Much More

For a complete walk through of our SMS capabilities and our marketing platform, we invite you to schedule a free phone consultation.  As Orlando SMS Marketing Experts, we’re your local choice for integrating a winning text message marketing campaign.