Measure Your Marketing
Use What Works.  Ditch the Rest.  Simple Right?

Orlando Website Conversion & Lead Generation | We believe in looking at things logically and comparing the raw data.  We believe in split testing… again, and again, and again.  We believe converting websites have superior testing.

An Ugly Website that Converts

is Better than 10 Pretty Websites that Don’t

Is your website or landing page receiving enough leads, likes, opt-ins and most importantly, sales?  Probably not as many as you’d like.  LMS can optimize your site using split testing and multivariate testing to generate more leads, sales, and Orlando website conversions.

LMS’s expertise lies in knowing what works when it comes to lead generation and design. Many of the tests we have performed involve videos, effective placement of opt-in forms, testing different headlines, Google Adwords effectiveness, as well as different layout designs. It can also mean changes to your phone number placement, order buttons, or other various components of your website.

We will use multiple variations and compare them in our split testing tool so that we can determine which version performs the best. When using conversion optimizers, certain algorithms are used to show which clicks are generating the most value for your site. With this information, your click history allows Google to know the demographics as well as other factors pertaining to the customers’ web searching patterns. This information is a valuable key for knowing which ads you should run more often, and which ads are wasting marketing dollars. Once we have the results for the best conversion we will then deliver our findings to the client.

It has been our experience that our clients who adopt conversion optimization as part of their marketing arsenal can see an increase of at least 20% in conversions while decreasing the amount they pay to acquire that conversion. The reason for this astounding percentage is due to the fact that you’re zeroing in on the specific items that trigger positive customer behavior.

Ready to learn more?  Schedule a call and we’ll help you analyze your website to determine what changes need to be made for optimal conversions.