Fast Websites = Better Rankings
If Google Cares About Your Website Speed, You Should Too

Orlando Website Speed Optimization | We believe killer websites with heavy coding can still load fast.  We believe in caching, content delivery networks, and minifying code so your website loads faster.

Optimize Your Website Performance

Through Caching and Content Delivery Networks

Did you know that Google looks at your website’s speed?  Did you know that if your website takes too long to load, it can affect your SEO and lower your position in the search engines.  So how do you make your website faster?  The service is called Website Speed Optimization.  The process includes caching of your content in browsers, minifying (consolidating) your CSS and Java script files, and using content delivery networks for faster loading websites.

So why does Google care about website speed?  Its a matter of user experience, one of the defining aspects of SEO is how people respond to your website.  Not only can Google and other search engines tell if your site is under optimized, but they know how bad your site is by how fast people leave it.  Ask yourself, if you have to wait for a page to load, are you going to wait for 30 seconds?  Or are you going to hit the back button.

LMS Internet understands this problem.  We have helped many of our Orlando based clients overcome the issues relating to their website speed and performance.  This can range from poor server configurations, over used javascripts, poorly compressed and formatted images and many other issues.

At LMS Internet, we use state-of-the-art resources, that scan your website and make sure your website is moving quickly.  We can give you a detailed plan on increasing your website speed and even help you with the implementation.  It is all about fine tuning the engine.  Remember, a Porche 911 and a Honda Minivan both have V6 Engines.  The difference is in the tuning of the engine.

Orlando Website Speed Optimization Services

  • Multi-Browser Speed Testing
  • Content Delivery Network Integration (CDN)
  • Parallel Video Downloads
  • Hosting Hardware Reviews
  • Consolidation of CSS & JavaScript Files
  • Progressive Optimization of JPG images
  • Hosting Fail-Over Solutions

If you’re looking for better performance for your website and are interested in our Orlando Website Speed & SEO Services, please schedule a short call with us to discuss your project.  This enterprise level SEO service may consist of consulting, training, or even having the LMS Internet team do the work.  For us, it isn’t important how the project is completed and, we simply want to help you make your website faster.